Boutique ATL B2B

Welcome !
You will find on this site our products offer for B to B business. We continiuously work on designing handy items to ease the daily life of our customers.
Our raw materials
We are offering several collections and ranges for most of our items. Depending on the product ranges we will be using fabrics and accessories with the following certifications for our customer's production:
  • GOTS
  • ...

By checking systematically the certification of our suppliers we can offer quality environment friendly items.

Prices and customization 
Our products are customizable for our B2B clients. So our prices do not depend on quantities ordered only.

But we can provide with:
- catalogs 
- And/or quotations on demand
based upon the requirements provided.
Our skills and organization
Because we are just designers and sellers, we focus on our skills and our production is made by professional European and American textile manufacturers.

These very reliable partners are also providers for various famous brands known worldwide.

We can organize visits to these factories for our best customers but we just have to plan it in advance as it depends on the season and availability of our internal contacts.

How can you buy our products ?

In Trade shows

We will be attending fair trades in 2018 and will be happy to show you ATL products.

Regularly via the MOM Platform or via e-mail:

    "MAISON&OBJET and MORE" B2B Platform
Via e-mail:
    You can also order all our products by sending an email at:
      giving some of your order details and minimum requirements such as:
            • quantities needed
            • fabrics (choice via our catalogs of fabrics - available on the bottom of the current website)
            • expected delivery date
            • contact name and phone number
            • delivery address
            • billing address
            • others information you may want to add to be taken into account for your production
        Our commercial team will get back to you to answer your questions and finalize your order.

              How do we deliver your goods ?

              Option 1 (*)

              • We can deliver your goods at your final address - NET PRICE
                • We agree on the purchase order the location the client will be delivered his goods.
                • Freight, insurance, and taxes to the ATL.

              Option 2 (*)

              • We can deliver your goods at an intermediate address in your country - PRICE CIF 
                • Freight + insurance handled by ATL from France to the intermediate address agreed between ATL and the client in the purchase order
                • all taxes to the customer.

              Option 3

              • We can deliver your goods in FRANCE Le HAVRE or any AIRPORT 
                • We agree on the purchase order the location the customer will pick up his goods in France.
                • Freight, insurance and all taxes to the customer.

               (*) the option is not available in all countries but we always seek the best solution to satisfy our customers.

              Our partner hereunder is in charge of our freight matters worldwide. 

              Mail Boxes Etc. Levallois-Perret
              27 Rue Gabriel Péri

              Depending on the period, the volume, the weight, and all specificities of your order, he will find the best service provider (DHL, FEDEX, ....) for:

              •  Air Freight Forwarding
              • Ocean Freight Forwarding 

                Payment terms :


                • For TRADE SHOWS transactions
                  • Bank tranfers (*) 
                • On the "MAISON&OBJET and MORE" Platform
                  • Credit cards
                  • Bank tranfers (*) 
                Depending on delivery options here above

                Option 1:

                • Bank transfer (*)
                • 50% with order and the rest on delivery via

                Option 2:

                • Bank transfer (*)
                • 50% with order and the rest on delivery via

                  Option 3:

                  • Bank transfer (*)
                  • 50% with order and the rest on delivery via

                    (*) ATL bank information are on the quotation form